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My old, long time dealer friend Leonard Shafer, Pasadena, California, passed away a few days ago from a massive heart attack while in the shower. He was about 63.

Leonard was a nawcc member and for many years had a coin and antique store in Burbank, Ca. He was a frequent table holder at the nawcc regional shows at Pasadena, Ca. About three years ago he closed down his store and continued business on ebay. Just recently I spoke with him about some watches he was selling.

Leonard was his own man and a great source for good collectibles. I remember when he acquired the Edith Stolman collection (an old friend), and I got the chance to acquire most of the cherries from it. He was a fun guy to do business with, causual and easy going.

For those of us who knew him, he will be sorely missed but well remembered.

R.I.P., my friend.
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What a combination of Hamilton tools from nawcc Chapter 149:

1. Hamilton serial number data base search

2. Colonel George E. Townsends records from the original list in book form 

3. A quick list look up from the Hamilton Watch Co. Archieves

4. OUR recent Fabulous poster of the VERY BEST 18s Hamilton movements

All the tools necessary to study and collect Hamilton pocket watches!

Contact Bryan Eyring for further information.

Jon Hanson
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BUT, THERE EXISTS FAMOUS NAWCC CHAPTER 149, a cut above all others!


NAWCC Chapter 149, the Early American Watch Club, excels in pocket watch horology, study, research, and educational tools. Our ALWAYS FRIENDLY membership consists of the leading American pocket watch collectors and experts worldwide.

We provide expertise, Mentor Programs, educational CDs, reprints, historical CDs, posters and FACTS regarding pocket watches and collecting.

There is absolutely nothing in American pocket watches that NAWCC Chapter 149 members cannot assist you with in collecting, research, historical information, or technical data.

For 20 years NAWCC Chapter 149 has been the leader in American pocket watch collecting, research and conservation.

Check out our web site at

Or, register to post on our open public forum here; contact Henry Burgell at
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up today 14.00+

And here goes gold watch collecting into the melting pot--just terrible!

Not good for horology.................
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Happy New Year to everyone from the BOD of Chapter 149, staff, and the President.


Be happy, be safe for the New Year!

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don't forget on Chapter 149.

Dr. Rosen will be the guest auctioneer and also will happily receive "left" bids for those who cannot attend!

Jon Hanson
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The very scarce and important Waltham 1911 material catalogue is now available from Chapter 149.

This catalogue has important material not in the 1909 catalogue.

It is a must for Waltham specialists.

Exclusively from Chapter 149, the premier research and educational nawcc chapter. We offer reliable information.

$35.00 ppd. each
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A nawcc member asked me about a chapter non profit, filed,  but which has not turned in the necessary paperwork for 5 years. 

Is this not a serious problem and "playing" with a potential removal as a registered non profit with the gov't?
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How can a person be a member of Global Horology and not a member of chapter 192?
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August 9, 2013

I am off to Syracuse next week as the National Representative to the Eastern States Regional (ESR). The exhibit and theme for the ESR is Changing the World: The Development of the American Clock Industry. There are a number of interesting programs to support the theme. On the way to the ESR, I will attend the Cog Counters annual meeting on Thursday at a park about an hour south of Syracuse. The Cog Counters have continued to grow since affiliating with the NAWCC as a chapter. Their annual meeting attracts more than 100 members who share wooden clocks and movements in the morning, followed by a meeting and lunch.

I had earlier posted that we needed $300 for archival supplies related to the transfer of our slide programs to DVDs. When I returned from a few days of vacation, there was a check for $300 from Nancy Ankrum waiting in my mailbox. I was also contacted by several chapters that were willing to cover the cost also and asked that I get back to them when we need funds for another project. It is truly fantastic how members and chapters step forward to fill needs and move our programs forward.

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is virtually OUT OF STOCK.

Thanks to all who donated for this important publication.

Chapter 149 shall soon have another important and valuable publication available to the collecting community.

Stay tuned and thank you for your continued interest and support.

Jon Hanson
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highlights this week's activities on the popular and robust Chapter 149 message board.

This auction idea is the genius of Dr Martin Rosen of London, an active participant and strong Chapter supporter.

Thanks to Dr Rosen from the membership.
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by the BOD; however, how long will it be before another dues increase will be submitted?

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"It's sad to see the direction that our avocation is headed. Probably some day when we are gone, many of the fine watches we cherish will end up on ebay being chopped up and sold as parts. The sad thing is that many new collectors think that this is the norm! As much as we hate to admit it, many of the collectors of our generation have contributed to this destruction. It's like the drug problem, without the demand, there would be no abuse. I want to thank you for the kind invatation to join your site. I have been reading it for a long time, and have a great deal of respect for the indivuals that comment on it. You deserve a special commendation for bringing it all about. Thanks!"

It is refreshing that an outsider has observed our chapter (149) and likes what he reads.

(We receive many compliments weekly from members and others but the above is especially appropriate)
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Thanks to the many chapter members who donated funds to the chapter for the new PG mailed last month.

At least five other research tools and chapter perks are "on the stove" for the membership.

Jon Hanson, President
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NAWCC Chapter 149 members are currently considering doing an Adams and Perry poster due to the high traffic, dos and don'ts, conjecture and general mayhem on points and authorities of this obscure watch company. At this time several members are attempting to corral the current owner of Adams and Perry, serial number one to grace another critically acclaimed watch poster by the leading collectors' club, e.g. several on Waltham . Examples to be photographed shall be original and true GEMS OF THE FIRST WATER, finest known's, and heretofore unpublished, unique examples.

Chapter 149's research products and educational tools are well known and received worldwide. Several members are ecstatic at this latest poster idea created by our chapter founder and President.
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tired of pitiful auctions and emarts?

Try Ch 149 live, silent and daily emarts! No hastles, honest transactions, no gimmicks, no BAD merchandise, correctly graded and described, deal with honest nawcc and Chapter 149 members!

Chapter 149, the chapter that lends credibility to collecting and the hobby of horology!

(another auction currently has begun)
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