Executive Director's Update

By Mr. J. Steven Humphrey posted Thu February 16,2017 06:38 PM


Hamilton_ladies_ww.jpgFebruary 17, 2017

Museum object of the week – circa 1960 Hamilton ladies wristwatch http://nawcc.pastperfectonline.com/webobject/1510C102-BFE2-4D5C-9414-241465299718

On Thursday we received a notice from a Watertown, New York law firm representing the estate of Mary L. Harrington of Carthage, NY, that the NAWCC is a beneficiary of her will and trust. Mary was the spouse of John A. Harrington who passed away in July 2011. John was a forty year member of the NAWCC. The valuation of the estate has yet to be done, so the value is unknown. We are one of ten charities that will each receive one tenth of the estate.

20150220_101728w.jpgThe first email reminder for this year’s NAWCC elections went out on Friday February 10 and resulted in a number of additional ballots being voted. 1,164 members have voted thus far representing 8.74% of those eligible. Two years ago we reached a record percentage of 17.53% participating. I encourage you to vote if you have not done so. We would like to exceed our previous record. Three additional email reminders will be sent before the close of elections on April 1 to those who have not voted.

The Search Committee has received 45 applications for the position of executive director and has started the process of selecting those for further consideration. Applications will continue to be received through March 20. If you know of someone that might be a good candidate for the position, you can refer them to the web link http://nawcc.org/search for further information.

The model railroad exhibit in the museum lobby continues to attract families.