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  1. Servicing a Pocket Watch for the Beginner II WS-201

    Jul 27 - 29
    Columbia, PA
  2. Servicing a Swiss Lever Clock Platform Escapement WS-440

    Jul 31 - Aug 2
    Columbia, PA
  3. Clock Camp

    Aug 3 - 7
    Columbia, PA
  4. 2015 Mid-West Regional

    Aug 7 - 8
    Valparaiso, IN, United States
  5. 2015 Mid-West Regional

    Aug 7 - 8
    Valparaiso, IN
  6. Dial Painting WS-124

    Aug 8 - 9
    Columbia, PA


A brief discussion of the importance of time, presented by the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA.


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  • Executive Director's Update

    July 24, 2015 I recently reviewed the draft of the September/October issue of the Watch and Clock Bulletin . I am excited to see some of the changes that our new editor Therese Umerlik and the publications staff are making. Many of the photographs are being enlarged to better see their detail, an auction column has been added, more photos of items from the museum collection and other changes that Therese will detail in her letter from the editor. I hope you will appreciate these changes and others that are planned over the next year by our publications staff. Robert Gary of Camarillo, California has offered to provide the resources needed for a pilot project for conversion of our current four foot fluorescent fixtures to LED. It is planned that this will occur in one defined space and will include removing ballasts and rewiring for non-ballasted LED bulbs. If the test does as we expect, we will proceed to find the resources needed to convert all our fluorescent... more